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Originally Posted by HRD_WRK View Post
Thank you gentlemen.

I had thought of suggesting pre pay.
- this is year 5, yes we have discussed this
it could work if the bands were handed out at the meetngreet hotel thursday night. Not everyone would be able to do it, but it would speed things up at the gate. - Yes, we are all over this
not sure if id seen it, but if its not a cash only entry-that slows things down too. - Yes, this will be strongly encouraged, but not mandatory
it could be done via pre pay or by pay at the hotel(easier so no 'lookup table needed). Hotel will not be handling any of this. There are many of them
The waiver form could be signed prior to receiving the band.
then at the gate, those with bands get in one line and drive thru with quick stop to show security their band (same as what then happens on saturday for returning paid participants). Yes, way ahead of you on this one

please draw lines where all the secured fencing is.
(300 cars is cool, but could take 1.5+hrs at a quick 20 sec per. I wouldn't recommend sleeping in late. )

Thousands will be attending NHRA Spring Natls just a few days before the fest. Yes lines will be long, but they will move quickly. Not the first rodeo out there. We spend the entire day before setting things up to run smoothly and we have plenty of volunteers to help. Tks for the ideas.
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