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This is what we said before the SSR was built but the initial vehicles were underpowered and rather mundane. Later models were true performers and tough to get. I really like the El Camino rendering. Now that the feds are out of GM, maybe we can get back to developing more interesting \ appealing performance vehicles. I know GM relies on surveys as the execs want to keep their jobs and decision are based on "marketing data" but someone stuck their neck out on the 5th gen Camaro and look at the results. I am basically a Chevy guy and didn't buy a Chevy from my 1997 Z28 SS until my 2012 ZL1 because I wasn't inspired by any of their offerings. Now I'm trying to buy a 1LE, a Z28, a 2014 Corvette Z06 and can't wait for the 6th gen Camaro. BTW, I have never been contacted for a survey on what Chevrolet buyers want in a new vehicle….but I patiently await that call!!
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