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Originally Posted by 2010SSRSM6 View Post
I dropped my car off at the dealership on Wednesday night to get my gfx installed. I spoke with the sales manager and he said he would give me a call on Thursday afternoon when it was done. So when my phone rang at 1:00 I was expecting to hear that she was finished and I could come pick her up, but insted I got this call:

Hey it's Matt, I have good news and bad news for you. We installed your stripes and they look great! The bad news is..............................
While installing your ground effects they noticed that something looked odd. It turned out that they sent us two right side skirts.
We have a couple of options that we are persuing. 1, we find a set of gfx that haven't been promised to anyone yet and try to get the left side skirt for your car and get it installed by next week. 2, you pick your car up and drive it missing the drivers side skirt. 3, you wait a couple of weeks for a new piece to get here from the factory with us keeping the car here.

Needless to say I wasn't thrilled when the phone call was over. Luckily that was followed a couple of short hours later by this one.......

Hey its Matt, we found a side skirt and we're sending a driver out to get it. He wont be back in time to get it installed tonight, but we should have it ready tomorrow afternoon.

Now I have to wait for the wife to get home so I can go get her dropped off for tint. I'll post some pic's later tonight or tomorrow.
That blows. I hope you get your car soon.
I guess we won't be seeing your car tomorrow. I can't wait to see yours when its done!! Maybe you can make it the Saturday after.

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