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Originally Posted by mbowen89 View Post
Ignoring supposed HP increases, is this for sure going to better throttle response? Or is it just a "placebo effect"?

The VMAX description tries to really sell it to you hard with the "physics" of it all. Seems a little sketchy to me though. I feel like an empty hole is an empty hole, and changing it so you can only tell a difference under a microscope for this application is pointless. If they actually increase the diameter of the hole then that's another story. The description says that the blade is same size, so the hole has to be same size to then right?

This just all seems sketchy to me... someone please inform me of my ignorance!
Read this article about the development of this current Gen 4 LS3. Note how much effort the GM engineers put into shape and smoothness of air flow surfaces.
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