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Originally Posted by Ides of March View Post
I have a question about the oil percentage. I pretty much check the dipsticks for how low the oil is and when to fill it up with a bottle or two. My Oil is 35% which I know is low and my fault for letting it go that low. But I have to ask, Is that for the oil change or just when to give it a fill. I have about 2500 miles on my Camaro at the moment. I was just going to put some oil in myself, don't think it's oil change time yet. Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
Don't do what one of the guys that works for me did. Tried changing his oil for the first time for him self. pulled off the oil filter. put 5 quarts back in checked the trany stick said wow perfect right on the line. started it up made it about 1/8 mile had oil bubbling out every where smoke from it burning off allover the engine. pulls back in smoke pouring out from under hood 3 of us laughing at him start asking questions on steps he took. Figured out he never took out the drain plug to drain it i looked in the oil pan was maybe a quart in it car had 9 quarts in it when it only took 5. Luckily he didn't blow a head gasket or do any damage other then his manhood.

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