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Originally Posted by Blu Ray View Post

My question is when I order from other Vendors that do not offer "NEW vs USED" are they really NEW PTB or Refurbished Cores other customers returned.

Is there a benefit of having a New vs Used
At Apex Motorsports we have both options available. I'm not sure if they are both available on the website or not, because I have not checked.

The benefit of having a new core boils down to two things in my eyes;
1. If you order a new core you can keep your stock TB. Should you decide to get rid of your car you can pull it and sell it to someone.
2. You don't have to hassle with sending your core back.

Those are pretty small advantages, if you can even see them as advantages. I can say that every core that we have returned goes through a thorough inspection of the case, blade, electrical connections, etc. If they do not meet the quality standard we send them back. Most come to us in good condition, and those that do not are almost 100% due to not being packaged correctly (or with any packing at all!) when returned.
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