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Originally Posted by Mr Monte View Post
If you have to check your oil every time you get gas you need a new engine. I check every 1000 miles, before a road trip or on race day. I do a walk-a-round any car I drive daily just to make sure all looks right.

I had a car back in the 70s that I had to add 2-3 qts of oil between gas fillups. Fun times.

You are spot on with the oil aeration issue. I drilled it into my 4 kids to not overfill their oil for that same reason.
Your engine can consume a great deal of oil without so much as a puff of smoke out of the exhaust, and you wouldn't even know it. A defective PCV valve can do that in a heartbeat. It takes all of 2 minutes to check my oil at the gas station. An ounce of prevention. I'm not taking any chances.
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