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Originally Posted by K1SSRSS View Post
After building race cars for the last decade and a half, I know I would much rather have an oil aeration issue than an oil starvation issue. Oil aeration is a myth on our LS cars, we have baffles in the oil pan that allow the oil to settle long enough to help let air out. If you really think that 1/4 inch or so for reading on the dipstick is going to keep your crankshaft from throwing oil every where, your mistaken, not only is a 1/4 inch or so not going to keep your crankshaft from dipping into the oil if it already is, where do you think the oil flows after your lifters, rockers etc.? It flows directly down over the crankshaft and gets flung everywhere, this is the reason to use a crank scrapper and also the reason for knife edged cranks.

The fill line is there for a reason, to let you know when the oil is low, if you are constantly running on the fill line you are not getting the benefits of cooler oil and also run more of a risk of starvation issues especially if driving the car hard, this is when the motor needs as much oil as possible.

Sorry for the rant and I know it was a little off topic, but I hate when people give misinformation especially when there is the potential to damage a motor in that missinformation. isn't misinformation. Do some research. Guys here have proven that it can cure lifter tick, and several reputable vendors that build these engines for a living recommend it. Starvation? Only if you're running a high-volume pump balls-out for a very extended time.

Not withstanding, the rest of your statements are pretty accurate.
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