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Originally Posted by strych9 View Post isn't misinformation. Do some research. Guys here have proven that it can cure lifter tick, and several reputable vendors that build these engines for a living recommend it. Starvation? Only if you're running a high-volume pump balls-out for a very extended time.

Not withstanding, the rest of your statements are pretty accurate.
I make a great deal of my living off of building circle track motors, I sure would never recommend to run any of them on the low side of oil.

It is interesting that so many worry about a little lifter noise and not about spinning a bearing.

Sure the argument can be had that it is possible for aeration to decrease lift a few thousandths at idle, I say if a couple of hp at idle is worth the risk then have at it. Its not worth the risk to me as when RPMs go up the oil level in the pan decreases and oil pressure increases therefore you likely don't have any of the same aeration issues above idle anyway.

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