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Originally Posted by Orange Crush 1LE View Post
Good solid analysis, Fraxum. I think it would bother me if I didn't get the Z51 too.

And since you're in Z51 territory, you may want to take a look at a new Viper. I don't know if your budget can go this high, but there have been some amazing deals out there on the 2013s on the lot, as low as $85K (usually closer to $90 to $95K for the base model, which kicks ass). There is nothing like 640 HP and 600 Ft Lbs in a 3300 pound beast. I own one, worship it, love it. I'm tracking it at Willow Springs this weekend with about 10 other Vipers. I think maybe my Camaro is faster on the track than the Viper though, with my humungous wing and splitter, LOL. I'll find out this weekend. I also like the new Vettes, but I would personally hold out for a Z06. That is going to be one mean machine.
Yea, Vipers are super cool. I have always waned one too. But the the Viper and Z06 are too rich for for me. My daughter is getting married next year and even the 1LT is stretching things.
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