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Originally Posted by BaylorCamaro View Post
Do you have a link to said battery? I know I've seen it in here, but I don't want to sort through 19 pages
Here's the link from Braille's factory page:

You could try the 17 lb B2317RP which is the same list price as the 15 lb and offers 1191 cranking amps instead of the 15 lb's 1067 ca if you wanted to go a few lbs lighter than the 21. The 21 lb B3121 lists for $32 more but offers 1380 cranking amps.

Originally Posted by Pro Stock John View Post
So did you move over to a 21 lb battery how is it doing?

I have a 15 lb sitting on the bench here but tracks aren't open.
I still have the 15 lb battery installed. Whenever it needs replacing I'll replace it with a 21 lb at that time. Like I said, I put a float charger on it every couple of weeks just to keep it charged up because I don't daily drive mine. If you daily drive it the 15 or 17 lb battery would probably stay charged and work just fine.

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