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Managed to get 2.5 degrees of Knock Retard removed. I re-installed the Plenum Spacer and Ice-olator and cleaned the threads to the bolts. Made sure everything was sealed also. Took the spark plugs out and cleaned the threads to make sure I was getting them torqued down correctly and not caught on some dirt in the threads.

Now for the fun part, I installed my latest Trifecta tune both ECU and TCM. Then I installed the IPF tune on TOP of the Trifecta tune (V60C1C10) and the car is running great. I'm actually getting 15 degrees of timing advance where before I was getting 10 and that is after the knock retard is calculated. My AFR is 100% correct, stays at 12:1 all the way through 7200 RPM's. Going to keep driving it and see how it goes. Really need to get back to the track and see what she can do.
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