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If it could be done we would be in line for some, They look killer and maybe eliminate the chrome bezels around them all together!

I already bought the Blacked out LED Tails for our Monte Carlo SS that were around $260 at the time and would be willing to shell out even more bucks for ones like that for the Camaro anytime!
Heck were spending $30,000+/- for the car,A few hundred + or more for tails won't be a huge issue if there quality and done right.
Heck people are spending $300 bucks just for some vinal Rally stripes! lol

Ditto on the Concept's casting Exhaust ports! Something like those around the exhaust for now till something better comes along would be great.
Should have come stock like that on cars without Ground Effects.

Just not some thin piece of stainless or piece of colored vinal would look kind of cheap.
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