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Kudos to RPM Motorsports NC

First and foremost, Thank you Ryan! You quickly took my car from driving terrible (bucking, surging and stalling) to running super smooth and no, and I mean no drivability issues. Also The car comes to life way sooner in the lower rpm's than previous. To say it's night and day difference would be an understatement. This is a 12SS cam and bolt on car. Fairly small cam that up until now had horrific drivability issues going on. Now all is good with the right tune up and the right people doing it. My wife actually enjoys driving the car again. (Big thanks for that one!!)

I highly recommend anyone who has some sort of tuning issue or even is on the fence about who to use for any other work, Ryan and his staff are top notch. RPM originally took care of my gear swap to 3.91's last year, still whisper quiet. Bottom line C5 family, this is a great place for you to spend your money especially knowing you can trust them too. RPM has been Racing and building for a number of years with ton's of experience. You will be the one who will gain from their knowledge. Its a winning combination. You won't be disappointed, I am very excited that my car drives normal (like stock) again!!
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