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Originally Posted by myold88 View Post
I hope this Camaro owner is not to shocked when he finds out his insurance company will not cover the damages !. Coverage while racing is excluded on most auto insurance policy coverage. Also liability coverage is denied if he injures anyone or does damage to someone elses property, etc. while engaged in racing. Keep this in mind guys.
Ofcourse the insurance company will know this happened since Onstar called in the paramedics and they had paramedics at the track as well.. His insurance most definitely will not cover this incident. Looks like the passenger jumped out and is OK. Let's hope the driver is alright since he was closest to the wall at impact. It could have been a lot worse... Let's hope this isn't related to the shaft cracking problem people have been having. It could be that simply the wheels lost their grip.. We'll have to wait and see...There are a few members on here with a black camaro and orange stripes.. It probably is somebody in this forum.. Nobody should be judgmental on this person. He knew the risks of drag racing. At least it was in a controlled environment and on a track.
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