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Originally Posted by JewelZ View Post
Oh and when it comes to modding it, why go through the trouble brother. For not even a 5k difference in price you can get a similar SS model. I know you may spend more than you would modding your v6 but it will be impossible in that much money to jump your v6 to 426hp. Just get the 1SS.

I drive around 130 miles and this is my daily driver so I needed to squeeze as much gas out of it as possible. It is almost all Interstate and with the cruise set to 70, it's just a fast idle. Now I would also like to get as much fun to drive out of it as well. Headers, CAI and a tune to get rid of the touque managment would make it drive as a small V8. We are still waiting for a tune but two companies have stated that they would work on it.
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