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Dragom, the safty stitches are just a single stitch that helps the material from sliding around and gives it a tighter fit. however the leather is so tight the way it is you will never know the difference.

As far as how to take the cover off, I will try to get some pics, the weather is back for another round. Anyway take the headreast off the seat. Turn it to the back side, looking from the back behind the bars, were they crease is, you can stick your fingers under that were there are a clip, push that clip back and it should pop off. Next undo the velcro, then clip to 4 small stiches and then carefully pull the cover off.

If you have any other questions let me know.

Also I have talked to ristaze through email and he seems to be a very professional and trustworthy. Plus he is a board member.
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