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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
I still have not pulled the trigger on this. Got the money sitting in PayPal but haven't made up my mind. Running the electric is kind of the stall right now though.

Isn't Craigs List where you pay to have a serial killer kill you?

At 500.00 It's almost disposable anyway. hahaha
I open carry a .45 on my hip, maybe it's what deters the psycho's lol

I finally rigged the starter on mine today, took a few pics... this is what you need, only maybe in a vert tank.

Dad painted cars for 30 years without any air cleaning system, but you have to be pretty careful, even then it doesn't take much to start getting defects. Saw contamination pin-holes all too often. The new system my brother put in the shop a few years back is amazing! But it's way overkill for a hobbyist.

Check it out, 1974 Worthington 2-stage. $300.00 plus $150.00 for the 5hp 1-phase electric motor. There are deals out there if you're patient.

In the second pic, if you look at the plumbing from air filter to the left cylinder a line runs to the right cylinder, then to the tank. That's a 2-stage (good) If both cylinders pulled from the air filter (inlet) and fed the tank, it would be a single stage. Single stage is fine, you just don't get the super high pressures that allow you to run cfm consuming tools all day long without pressure drops. 140 psi in a 80 gallon tank is a LOT of air!

I added a 3rd pic showing the difference between a 50' rubber 3/8 id conventional hose and the 25' Flexeel hose. The rubber hose weighs 10 pounds or so, the flexeel don't even weigh a pound. If this holds up well I'm going to get a larger id Flexeel in 50' for sure!
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