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Talking close?

Originally Posted by Mr Twisty View Post
The problem with DIY type compressors, the motors tend to be over-rated. I have an OLD Worthington industrial compressor that uses a 1.5hp 220v motor, that motor is a solid 1.5 hp. A true 1.5 hp 110v motor would draw almost 20 amps, and I think that's about the upper limit for household 110v wiring, most breakers are 15amp.

In other words, when they advertise a 2hp 110v electric motor they're WAY overrating the hp, 2hp 110v would need close to 30 amps to run.

If there are any electricians, please correct me if I'm off

{edit} they're probably also overrating their pumps cfm and volume, be aware.
2 hp at 120Volts(110 really doesn't exist anymore, unless you have voltage drop) but off the top of my head?? 1 HP =746 watts @120 volts= 6.2 amps x2=12.4 amps@ 80% of 15 amps(12) your ok with a 15 amp breaker
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