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Build Video

Finally got the car cleaned up and done...

Chopped off the 2.5 neckdown on the Corsa to hook up straight 3"

Name:  exhaustconnect.JPG
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Size:  80.3 KB

Name:  exhaustconnect1.JPG
Views: 305
Size:  82.7 KB

Name:  exhaustconnect2.JPG
Views: 299
Size:  88.3 KB

Name:  headerinstall.JPG
Views: 307
Size:  66.7 KB

Name:  SCoff.JPG
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Size:  85.5 KB

Name:  Camparts.JPG
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Size:  77.1 KB

Name:  dyno.JPG
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Size:  80.1 KB

A couple different choices for upper. Went with the top right, a Prototype LPE Aluminum Pulley (super lightweight)

Name:  upper pulley.JPG
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Size:  106.3 KB

Metco lower with interchangeable rings.

Name:  both pulleys.JPG
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Size:  103.8 KB

Highlighted is the combo I went with. 13 psi boost now

Name:  pullycombo.JPG
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Size:  102.5 KB

Ron Davis Heat Exchanger

Name:  HeatX.JPG
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Size:  53.8 KB

Corsa catback

Name:  corsa.JPG
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Size:  57.3 KB
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