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Originally Posted by Rornls3 View Post
What made you go with those rotors? I was thinking about getting the ZL1 2-piece but drool over the RB slotted ones. I can't see spending $1000 or so! I don't think that's gonna happen.... hahaha

Any weight advantage with the StopTech over the ZL1 2-piece?

I'm looking to track the car about 3 weekends a year and plan to just change out pads between street and track use if the track pads squeal.
I went with these rotors because of the price and the Cryo treatment, which should increase the life of the rotor.
Once I got them I realized that they are not dual cast like the one piece Cadillac part. So the rotor is all iron and heavy. I haven't weighed them yet and I'm not sure I really want to know the weight other than you can hurt yourself carrying them around. These rotors are almost as big as the ones for the 12,000 lb brakes on the front of my dually.
The one piece Cadillac CTS-V or the two piece Cadillac CTS-V or ZL1 rotor will weigh less with the aluminum hub section.
When I bought the StopTechs they were a better price than what I could find on the one piece CTS-V Rotor by about $40 each, so I got the slotted and Cryo treated rotors for less than the stock one piece. It appears the one piece rotor price has now gotten lower than when I pulled the trigger on this.
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