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Originally Posted by BUTT72 View Post
I looked these up on Amazon & noticed the rear calipers are 4 piston & look similar to the SS front Brembo's, so would they fit on the front of the V6's? If not I would definitely get the 6 pistons for the front over used SS/1LE Brembo's, as soon as I confirm they'll fit w/out major mod to do so.
No...The rear brakes on the CTS-V, ZL1 and SS all share the same caliper however the crossover tube and bleeders the opposite ends on the CTS-V second gen rears because of the forward mounting position. If you look at the SS you will see the rear calipers are smaller than the front.

Bottom line, no the rear calipers will not work on the front of any Camaro.

The total package for a CTS-V brakes set-up is still about double the cost of the SS 14" 4 piston set-up. You need to look at what you need the brakes for (looks, show, track ect) and decide what you want to spend. I would bet the 4-pistons are more than sufficient for most including auto cross and open track days.

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