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I have no skin in the game, but I have a long time friend at Exxodus Pictures that I met at SCCA autocross school in the late 90s. In late 2009 I got a phone call asking about who in the Detroit are could build some one-off cars based on the 2010 Camaro SS. I didn't even see a concept but I introduced my friend at Exxodus to a business acquaintance at Classic Design Concepts. The Firebreather is the end result

Love it or hate it the car is the concept of movie writer and director. This was a something he sketched on a napkin and then was able to bring to fruition with the help of CDC. The build quality is top notch and they have built them on both SS and ZL1 platforms. It is not a rebirth of Pontiac

Because of my aforementioned relationship with both companies, my reputation as a racer and instructor and more likely my wiliness to do it on short notice I was invited to drive a Firebreather on the Bull Run in 2010 from NY to Las Vegas....Through a comedy of errors, scheduling, cars being towed/impounded in NY I was finally handed the keys to one at Michigan International Speedway (MIS). This was my 1st time behind the wheel of a 5th gen and my test drive was doing 140+ MPH on MIS in the car.....I then piloted it to Chicago, on. I loved the supercharged power, ran down some "supercars" and had a blast, but I really disliked the greenhouse in the car as it felt really small and the car felt heavy..........3 years later I purchased a SS/1LE, go figure.

Tonight is the premier for the movie in Detroit and I look forward to it.


Pics from the BullRun. I am not Ice T or Coco nor do I have a blue or red show girl outfir on....I am the other guy in the pictures. The pink bunny is Richard Rawlings pre Fast-N-Loud days...
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