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Originally Posted by christianmotox View Post
Do you remember who did you bought the decals from? i searched ebay and there are plenty for the Brembo decals but only a few will do the correct Chevrolet pattern.
Here ya go. They're kind of hard to spot at first because the photo the seller uses is of a stock SS Brembo caliper, not the STICKERS! You can order any color combo you want. I wanted as close to 1LE look as possible, so I specified White CHEVROLET and black BREMBO (make sure you specify what color you want). If you look real close, you'll notice the font isn't "exactly" the same as the 1LE calipers, they balloon out in the center - meaning the middle letters are phyically larger than the first and last, but it's so close, no one has called me out on it. $16 and he makes the front stickers larger than the rears too.
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