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Originally Posted by Novie LE View Post
Slow down here before you get attacked. I have been saying that most of the performance out of this thing is due to the wheels and tires and that a zl1 will be just as quick with the same set up.
So it appears you are smarter than the engineers at GM.. If it were as simple as just slapping these tires on the ZL1 to make a faster car don't you think they would have just done that? Why waste millions engineering this car to be a beast on the track when tires are the only thing that it takes to put down these times? Please explain to me how GM could be this stupid. Obviously better tires will help any car, but there is way more to it than that. No need to go into all of the unique equipment on the Z28 as its posted in a lot of other threads, but I think these advancements may be helping the Z28 around the track as well lol.
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