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Originally Posted by Novie LE View Post
Slow down here before you get attacked. I have been saying that most of the performance out of this thing is due to the wheels and tires and that a zl1 will be just as quick with the same set up.

Go ahead, attack away. I'm interested in hearing anything I stated in my post with which you can disagree using a cogent argument.

As for your Zl1 v. Z/28 argument, disagree. Wheels are a small part of the Z/28's laptimes IMO. I make this statement based on having run light and heavy wheels on much lower hp, much lower weight cars. The Z28 runs like a scalded cat relative to teh Zl1 for other reasons: tire, brakes, trick suspension, lowered center of gravity, n/a non-heat soaking engine with upgraded cooling capacity, aero, and lower weight.

But if you added the Z/28's wheels, tires, suspension, aero, and removed a few hundred pounds you'd be most of the way there. But at that point. . . it makes sense to sell the Zl1 and buy a Z/28.
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