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Interesting! Thanks for posting.

"So it's a shame that GM's fear of unintended acceleration has the pedal spacing favoring snowshoes over Sparco boots. And when you do manage to connect with the throttle, there's just the tiniest smidgen of slack, engineered in to dial out driveline shunt at the behest of the GM passenger-car guys and against the wishes of the Z/28 team's racers."

So those would be the first and primary things I would seek a fix for before anything else.

Not sure how to correct the spacing though, I wouldn't want add-on tabs (wings) for the throttle and there is no practical, safe way I know of to move the brake/clutch pedal closer to the throttle. Maybe a redesigned pedal assembly for someone crazy enough to take on that liability bottomless pit.

I've heard as well from a guy who drives Corvettes for a living that there is latency, a lag, in the new Corvette's throttle application. Sounds like the same thing here. I have no idea if it's built in mechanically or electronically, but I'd want a fix.

Aftermarket/GM hi-po parts dept- please take note. I'd be a buyer right away. I have way more interest to fix this put in a "big cam"
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