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Pedders Springs installed on 1LE (Pictures)
Update: 3/11: I emailed Pedders AU and they provided the spring rates:

Front coil 220032, Linear Rate, 130Lb/inch or 2.3Kg/mm
Rear Coil 220033, Linear Rate, 433Lb/inch or 7.8Kg/mm

Prelude: I worked in the aftermarket performance industry for many years before the OE side so I am very opinionated when it comes to aftermarket parts in regards to quality and fitment. I witnessed the good, bad & ugly from the aftermarket side so claims are not always true and good enough often is the norm. I have never worked with Pedders or their components before but I decided to use them after my research and based on their reputation

I picked up my Pedders 220032 FR / 220033 RR springs from Rodgers Performance last week and installed them and timed the bushings this weekend. After a quick shade tree alignment (strings and camber gauges) I was off for a weekend of short trips totaling about 200+ miles, many cruising the famed Woodward here in Detroit looking for trouble One trip on Sunday was 50+ miles with a full load: Full tank of gas, 2 adult male and 2 children so I was able to get a feel both loaded and unloaded. I did also take before measurements to provide before/after ride height numbers, but I will wait until my alignment is complete at Rodgers tonight to measure the after numbers

A track review will occur at the end of this month when I hit Grattan again over Labor day weekend.


  • Pedders Springs: Fit, finish look great, red looks bad arse IMO
  • Install: pretty straight forward on this car, no issues. I looked online and saw that many people do not use the provided coil wrap on the rear springs (see picture) I would recommend using this to prevent potential noise issues in the rear springs when they compress.
  • Stance: It was a little high in the front with the stock FR / Pedders RR combo, I think it looks/sits great with the 32/33 springs installed.
  • Ride: as mentioned I am very opinionated....With that said I have been pleasantly surprised with the ride. The Pedders springs/stock strut combo work well together. There is an increased ride firmness as expected when the spring rates are increased but nothing uncomfortable. On the street the car does everything I would expect better than stock: brake dive is reduced/eliminated and the car feels planted.
  • Noise: None, nada, nothing...There are no clunks, clicks, squeaks, creeks or banging. If you hit a large bump you defiantly know it.....but other than the car moving up and settling back down firmly there is no drama.
  • Overall: I am very happy with the set-up and if you want to street/track you car this seems to be a very good compromise
Track times and review to come later this month!


EDIT: After alignment.

I went to Rodgers this afternoon Gerry (service manager) set me up with Dave (tech) that did my alignment last time. I still want an aggressive street/track combo alignment as this is not a daily driver (but seems to be lately as my daily just sits )

I went with -1.6 degree of camber in the front and I wanted about -1.0 in the rear. We ran into a slight issue as the driver side wouldnt go any further positive than I settled on -1.4/-1.3 in the rear. My only concern is tire wear and traction on the street when driving aggressively in a straight line....

One of a couple things may happen back there. I may end up with some Pedders camber bolts to correct this OR I may try the Pedders 220035 springs to raise the back about 15mm just to see what happens. At this point I am going to leave everything along until the end of the month when I track it.

Ride heights: Measured in mm from the bottom wheel lip (not the ground) to the fender....If you want inches divide the number by 25.4 (25.4mm = 1")

Front Stock
LF: 672 RF: 668
Front Pedders
LF: 657 RF: 654
Front Diff:
LF: 15mm RF: 14mm

Rear Stock
LR: 690 RR:690
Rear Pedders:
LR: 660 RR:655
Rear Diff:
LR: 30mm RR:35mm

I double checked the right rear twice ???

Final pic: Rodgers got a brand new trailer that is pretty badass....

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