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3rd track day in 1LE: Waterford Hills
I received a last minute invite to instruct at the Roush Owners track event put on by Roush here in the Detroit area to coincide with the Woodward Dream Cruise. I/we are fortunate to have a smaller (1.5mile) road course within about 25 minutes of my house. Waterford Hills is a very technical road course with very little room for error or passing and multiple track surface that one must contend with. As they say, if you can drive Waterford, you can drive anywhere!

  • 2013 1LE Mods: Driver, SLP Blackwing elbow, drop in filter, Pedders springs, Motul 600 (stock tires, pads, rotors, sway bars, bushings, gearing, weight etc.)
  • -1.6 front camber, -1.3 rear camber (aligned @ Rodgers Chevrolet)
  • Best lap: 1:21 flat...tons of 21.x and 22.x to back it
  • I was tied as the fastest car of the day with a 640RWP, Corvette ZR1 on Cup tires driven by an acquaintance. He didn't have a lap timer but he couldn't get away over about 7 laps until we hit traffic and the Mustang he passed spun in front of me :(
  • This was a Roush day so there were 40+ Mustangs, Stage 2 and Stage 3 (supercharged, suspension, etc) the aforementioned ZR1 and another 605WHP ZR1, a Katech built Z06 (I am acquaintances/friends with the vette guys) an a 80s 911 and a couple Focus.
Favorite comment of the day during tech:
  • I was inline to tech and had a small gathering around the car...I mentioned I had hoped to see some 1:19s out of the car and was met with a disbelieving "That is faster that Scott!". Scott is a nice guy and a Roush Engineer that apparently was the fastest guy in this group with an 4.6L Supercharged Mustang, roll bar, race wing ect.......He was quick, but he had to let me by ......But then, I still didn't run the 19s or even 20s I was hoping for so we can call that a wash! :(
  • Waterford Hills being short with quick left right transitions showcased how unsupportive the stock SS non-leather seats can be. (Yes harness would help, but for me no rollbar = no harness) If you plan to track your 2014+ order the Recaros!!!!!
  • Rear wheel breaking loose under power on right turn, 2nd gear corner exit (diff opening?) I experienced this again at Waterford. I spoke with an acquaintance Saturday and I am waiting for a response with some direction at this time.
Pedders Springs
  • This is not an A-B comparison as I never had the 1LE stock on Waterford Hills....(That will be in two weeks at Grattan). I am pretty certain that the Pedders spring rate is pretty darn close to the stock rates as the car had the similar if not the same handling characteristics as when it was stock. I cant say it was any better or any worse at this point. We will see in two weeks.
Video to come at a later time.....It is pretty boring as I was out front and there wasn't much traffic to pass in the only session I recorded


First two nice pictures courtesy of Andy Perry

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