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4th track Day in my 1LE (w/Pedders Springs) @ Grattan
The Rodgers Performance Race Team (Ok not really a team as it was me, Becky D and Joe from Rodgers Chevrolet) joined 3 Balls racing at Grattan this past Saturday. I brought my 1LE and worked with Becky D in her ZL1. (see notes below) I do need to exend a special thanks to Joe/Becky at Rodgers Chevrolet for allowing me to drive/use their truck and trailer as we by far had the coolest rig at the track which also doubled as a kick-ass viewing stand. (see pics).

My 1LE Current mods:
  • SLP Blackwing intake: (Elbow and drop in filter, stock airbox, claimed 10HP)
  • Pedders Springs FR and RR (-1.6FR / -1.3RR Camber)
  • Motul 600 Brake fluid
  • DIY brake ducts (Search my other threads)
  • ALL other items are stock (pads, tires, rotors, weight.....)
When I ran the car a week after I got it in May I had Motul 600 and -1.3FR / -1.0 RR camber only

Lap time in May 2013 : 1:31.47 (1 Glory lap, Consistent

Lap time in Sept 2013 : 1:30.22 (Consistent 1:30.xx all day)

So the car is 1.2x seconds faster, but about 2 seconds faster consistently overall.

Pedders Springs I think the biggest question we all should have is should I lower my 1LE or change the suspension....My answer is ?????? Until Pedders post spring rates I am going to go on record and state the rates appear to be very close to stock spring rates. The car appears to have all of the same handling characteristics of a stock 1LE so there were no issues with them at all. Overall I like the look and ride of the Pedders on the car and because it isn't any slower nor do they have any ill effects on the car they will stay for the time being (I may swap the rear springs to the slightly taller Pedders in the rear)

Intake and brake ducts???? I tried some laps hitting 131 and 132 on the straight before hitting the brakes but I was seriously puckering in the braking zone (there is no run off ). Do I think these items help? Sure, I guess....but I don't attribute either to the reduced lap time.

So why was the car roughly 2 second faster overall?...SEAT TIME. Honestly I had the car about 1.5 weeks before I tracked it the first time at Grattan and I was a little hesitant in pushing it too hard. I now have 5500 miles on it and many laps on different tracks behind the wheel. I was way more comfortable with it and this past weekend I was pushing the car harder.

ON A SIDE NOTE: I "talked" Becky into coming out to the track this year and offered to work with her/instruct. Her very first time at an HPDE was in May at Grattan. She has run 2 times at Gingerman and then this past weekend at Grattan. Becky ran a 2:09 the first time out in May at Grattan......she just ran a 1:38 this past weekend!!!! Not too bad for a 1st year driver. Nice job Becky!....

Enjoy the Pictures: FYI Black background lap picture is from MAY....White is from Sept to see the MPH differences


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