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Tow Hook install on my 2013 SS/1LE

I figured this is the best forum for this as I am not really doing a how-to...just giving a couple of pointers to those that may be installing a Tow Hook on their Camaro

  • Remove front Fascia
  • Remove the metal plate that surrounds the hood latch (bolted to the radiator core support) and unbolt hood latch so you can move it to the side. This allows you to reach an arm down from the top to position the tow hook with the front fascia set back in place.
  • I used larger/strong magnets to hold the hook on the bumper and then used wedges on the outside to postion it where I wanted
  • Marked it with tape and then took the bumper support off.
  • Drilled and bolted the hook...check postion on car again
  • Welded the hook and then cut the excess threads off the bolts and painted the bolts and the welds.
  • Installed front Fascia.
I decided to put my hook closer to the center so it doesn't stick out as much and is not a shin killer. I have multiple tow straps, clevis and hooks from offroading days and I can get all of them on the hook in this position with no problem.

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