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CTS-V 6 Piston Brake kit from $1185.00 (updated)

4/4/2013 I updated the title price from the $1050 to $1200 because the ACDelco pads ($45) are not the same material as the OEM Brembo/Ferodo 1000 pads. ($175)

PIF = Pay it forward....I will use this to mark threads for information I have located or found that I could not find easily here and may save other the time and some money.

Time to pay it forward! I finally ordered my set-up today so it was time to share.

From my research into 6 piston set-ups for my car I found by far the lowest prices on Amazon if you are willing to use Silver or Yellow (or powder coat). The qty in stock fluctuates and sometimes the items go on back order, but if you keep checking back they are usually restocked often.

You can get a 6-piston front big brake set-up for about $1050.00 to $1300.00 depending on rotors and lines you pick.

Here you go: Part numbers and prices as of 3/18/2014

Silver CTS-V Front 6 piston Caliper
ACDelco 172-2488

Silver CTS-V Front 6 piston Caliper
ACDelco 172-2487

Yellow CTS-V Front 6 piston Caliper
ACDelco 172-2521

Yellow CTS-V Front 6 piston Caliper
ACDelco 172-2522

Front pads (See Notes Below)
I removed the less expensive front AC Delco Pads as the material is not the OEM Brembo/Ferodo 1000 material.
For track use please purchase the OEM pads p/n 171-1040..About $175
See page 3

Front Pin Kit
ACDelco 18K2108X

Front 2-Piece Rotor ZL1/CTS-V
ACDelco 177-1145

Front 2-Piece Rotor ZL1/CTS-V
ACDelco 177-1146

Front Dual Cast Rotor CTS-V
ACDelco 177-1105


For the CTS-V upgrade on an SS you will need:
  • Two calipers (silver or yellow),
  • A pair of rotors: 2 Piece are better for cooling and are directional (L and R) 1 piece are cheaper, cooling is not as efficient and they "click". (search CTS-V brakes clicking) All 2012+ CTS-V use 2 piece rotors
  • Pads: Stock are listed....other High Performance options available.
  • Pin Kit
  • Caliper Bolts: ( I got mine from Rodgers Chevrolet: P/N 11570788 $3.19 each (I couldn't find the correct ones on Amazon)
  • Brake lines: (CTS-V lines are a tad longer) I ordered Goodridge lines from a distributor. P/N 12227 ($185ish/4) or you can get stock front ZL1 lines from the dealer (about $110/pair)
  • Brake Fluid: ( I used Motul 600) about $15.00 online, need 2-3 bottles.

Disclamer: Use list at your own risk...I verified fitment of the ACDelco numbers by searching them on Ebay....Once found I looked at the fitment listed for each part number to confirm.

UDATE: 4/4/2014
I ordered the OEM pads and received them today.......The pictures do not do them justice as far as how different the material is betweern the OEM pads and the AC Delco pads

I have received data in regards to the factory pads temp ranges from testing at GM and will share what I can later....

Finally, I am using the Silver CTS-V rear calipers to match the front and they ARE NOT a direct bolt on. Both the GEN1 and GEN2 calipers require modifications to use. I KNOW "but everyone says they bolt on" They are all wrong as a modification is need to both to use.

I ordered both sets-to view/confirm the differences....I will post a separate thread about the calipers, differences and mods that need to be made to use them.


I took a couple pictures tonight of the silver V calipers on my AGM 1LE
Attached Images
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