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CTS-V Rear Caliper on a Gen5 Camaro

I often see on here that the CTS-V rear calipers are a direct bolt to a Gen5 Camaro. That is not true as there are some minor mods or adjustments needed to bolt them on correctly. There is no performance benefit to the V rear calipers over your current SS, SS/1LE or ZL1 calipers. The only reason to make the swap would be to match the front V calipers if you make that upgrade.


  • CTS-V/ZL1 6-Piston brake calipers and rotor are 100% bolt on to a Gen5 Camaro with no modifications needed. Because of the lower feed/mount positions on the 6-piston caliper for the brake line you will need a longer brake line than the stock SS has. A ZL1 stock line or stainless steel braided lines for a ZL1 will work for the front and rear. DO NOT tray to make the stock SS line work.
  • Gen5 Camaro SS, SS/1LE and ZL1 rear calipers are all the same. (sans paint color)
  • Gen1 CTS-V Calipers are similar, however they do not have the notch near the mounting bolt (see pics) to clear the Gen5 Camaro rear shield that protects the E-Brake. The shield can be notch or the caliper can be ground for clearance, but I don't recommend either. (order the Gen2)
  • Gen2 (2009+) CTS-V Calipers are a better match for the Gen5 Camaro as they have the notch needed to bolt directly on to the Gen5 Camaro. You MUST keep the left caliper on the left side and the right caliper on the right side. There are two pistons in the caliper, a large and a small (leading and trailing) and the pistons control taper wear.
  • Gen2 Fitment: Because the Gen2 CTS-V has forward mounted calipers and the Gen5 Camaro has rearward you need to keep them on the same side of the car so you will need to swap the bleeders and crossover lines top to bottom. The calipers are painted after assembly so the paint will crack where the line wrench contacts the cross over line. I suggest you remove the paint before had on the contact surface as it makes it easy to use the wrench. Once the cross over are swapped top to bottom with the bleeders you are good to go!
Rear Rotors
  • Gen5 Camaro Rotors will be used. The CTS-V will not.
Rear Brake Pads
  • The SS, SS/1LE, ZL1 and CTS-V all use the same brake pads and pin kit.
I hope that clears up any confusion. Thank you to my contact at the General that answers my text all the time!


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