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I ran my 5th track weekend in my 1LE this past weekend at Gingerman raceway in South Haven, MI. I am still wiped out so I will post the bullet points.
  • I ran a new PB in the 1LE of 1:44.41 That is faster than a ZL1 and GT500 Automobile Magazine test with a pro hot shoe and we are all on the same tires!
  1. Me: 1LE: 1:44.41
  2. 2012 ZL1: 1:44.53
  3. 2013 GT500: 1.45.21
It is not as fast as the 1:42.05 Mark Stielow laid down during a Hot Rod Magazine test....but I will best that at a later time!

Current Performance Mods:
  • Roto-Fab Cold Air Intake
  • Pedders 220032 and 220033 Sport Ryder Springs
  • Pedders Rear Camber bolts
  • CTS-V 6-piston front calipers, 2 Piece rotors. OEM Brembo/Ferodo Brake Pads, Stop-Tech 660 Brake Fluid. DIY Brake ducts.
  • 285/30/20 and 305/30/20 Goodyear Eagle Supercar G2 Tires.
  • -1.6 front Camber, -0.6 rear Camber
All of the above has been added/changed since I ran the car stock last year to the 1:47.34 bone stock last summer

Brakes: Worked as expected..I was able to brake later as expected. Wish the 1LE came stock with these!
Tires: I just wanted to fit the 305 out back to try it.
Alignment: I changed the rear alignment from -1.3 I ran last year after the spring install to the -.6 to stand them up a bit and try to get a little more rotation from the back. I was very happy with how they wore and was getting even temps across the tire.

I wore/rounded the outer edge of the left front tire. Gingerman is very hard on tires and brakes. Because I wanted even wear and didnt want to cut my weekend short I swapped front rims and ran the tires backwards part of the second day. It worked

Did the 305 cause the car to push more or do I need more camber (or both) ???? I am sure the 305 induces under-steer, but I had the same issues with the front tire outer edges last year....I am going to try an run -2.0 at the next event and see what happens.

Rear Diff: one of my biggest issues is the rear diff opening up on track and spinning the inside rear tire. Once the tire starts to spin the clutches in the diff cannot grab it until you lift. When having fun or a "battle" on track I didn't want to lift and have a friend tag me mid-corner so I would stay in it once it broke loose and leave a single black streak and a smoke screen so he could see I didn't have traction. Some native Americans came out of the woods as they thought I needed help.......Nope just a Torsen Helical diff sooner than later! I will get his in car video later.

Other Highlights:
  • Cold tires bad...(see video and pictures)
  • Todd Naperalski had the Total Performance Racing (TPR) #39 GTS Camaro SS there doing some testing. I went out behind him once......Yeah, mmmmm the car weighs 3425 with driver, it's on race rubber, has real areo, real suspension....I was there about a 1/4 lap before he was gone. I believe he said he has run 1:36s there.
Little spin on track

Playing on the wet track:

1LE vs 6.0L (swapped) C5 on race tires.

I will post more videos later,
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