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Originally Posted by calflan View Post
O.K. puttin this question to bed :
Eh, not quite...but nice work anyway!

Of the 15ea. Z28's offered over the past 34 years of Camaro history, only 4 have had more power than the 2010 V6.

Of all the 53 engines offered, only 11 have had more Horsepower than the 2010 V6.
The SS, at 426 HP, is amongst the top 3%.
Actually, the 426HP SS is probably the most powerful one. The horsepower standard has changed a couple times...

Originally Posted by Primus View Post
You really need torque numbers though. I'm not sure HP has much meaning compared to torque.
Agreed. That leads us down the road a little further, where we can then say you need dyno charts to see how much torque there is at idle when you take off from a red light, etc. Then there's the question of the gear ratios, drivetrain losses, how sticky the tires are...we can follow that discussion forever and never get anywhere.

What we really need for a numeric comparison over the internet is results. So, how about some 0-60, 0-100, and 1/4 mile times for that long list of Camaros?

Wait, that sounds like a lot of work!
Removing weight has surprisingly little effect on fuel economy
Engine break-in procedure | Gear ratios
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