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Mike Norris Motorsports & West Orlando Area Car Show-Get Together-?Dyno? Aug 15th

Hey All,

I had a couple of 5th Gen owners come by for lunch today talking about parformance packages and such and then we started talking about a monthly get together if at all possible. Here is what we can do.

The city of Winter Garden has "Classic Car Show" the thrid Saturday of every month that runs from 6-9PM. They close down a large portion of Plant Street in old down town for car show parking, have a DJ as well as several give aways from locals businesses such as myself. There are several local restaurants in the area as well as drink and ice cream shops. And a couple adult beverage establishments. The location is about a 1/4 mile from my shop.

It has a wide variety of cars from old and new and it would be great to have a cruise in of a bunch of 5th Gen folks to say the least.

Though the show starts officially at 6PM, there are always folks getting there early for prime parking at 4-4:30 or so. Since I am a sponsor of the show I can get them to hold some spots all together.

What I am thinking is if folks want to get together at my shop ahead of time we can cruise over from here. We could meet here at 4PM or whatever folks feel like doing. If folks want to go over performance needs for their cars or get in some dyno runs we can accomodate that also before the show, but obviously we would need to meet earlier.

What I could do, as this is the first get together, is offer up free base line dyno runs to folks which would be 2 back to back runs with air/fuel reading and printout. Maximum number of cars I could do before the show would be 5 or 6 since we will be on somewhat limited time before the show. It just depends on when folks what to get to my place. Just giving back to those who support my shop.

I would say the earliest I would want to get together at my place would be 1PM or so. I do have an exhaust install on a Corvette that morning and then have some running to do as well as some yard work.

So let me know how much interest there is on getting together before the show as well as who all may want a few dyno runs also. If we get a lot of folks interested in dyno runs, it will end up being on a first come, first served basis to be fair to everyone.

Thanks and hope to see a bunch of 5th Gens as well as any other LS powered cars out this way for sure.

Mike Norris

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