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Broken Transmission Output Shaft
Broke my output shaft Sunday night. Vin 13782. Third or fourth launch in competition mode. Also made three or four with traction control and competition mode turned off between 2500 and 3500 rpm. I am afraid this is not limited to a certain batch of vehicles. 4200 rpm dumps too much energy into the drive train. I don't think ABS kicking in to limit wheel spin can help either. ABS is supposed to be less aggressive in competition mode. ABS may kick in too soon and be part of the problem. I think competition mode will break any drive train sooner or later.

This appears to be similar to the problem they had with the Nissan GT-R last year. They soon said use of launch mode on solid surface voids warranty. They said it was only for getting out of ice or slippery surface. This year they reduced rev limiter from around 4200 to 3200 rpm.

DON'T USE COMPETITION MODE. You don't need it. Turn it and traction control off by holding button down for seven seconds. Launch between 3000 and 3200 rpm by driving out. Don't dump clutch but don't slip it either. CAUTION: slipping the clutch will burn up the clutch. Let clutch out like taking off from a stop and press gas pedal like taking off from a stop, don't stomp it. This should be much easier on entire drive line and will help 60 foot times.

I love my car but I am holding on to my JD Powers new car survey to see how long this takes to be repaired. More than a week is too long. If you haven't returned your survey yet, you may want to hold onto it.

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