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Originally Posted by Dropspeed View Post
I am sure you posted it before......and I know you are running a wider track tire/wheel combo, but what are you alignment settings from and rear. Most specifically camber and how is the tire wear (inside edge, outside edge, even?)

Yes, 315s on 18x11 front and 18x12 rear. Camber: -2.9 degrees front, -1.1 degrees rear. I would have gone more in the rear if I hadn't been running the wing, which squats the car quite a bit. Tire wear is funky, the edges of the Hoosier A6s wore big time, both inside and out. I went to cord on the outside front after 7 sessions, so I won't be running those again. I may have run my tire pressure a little low for Hoosiers, about 34 to 36 psi hot. I think I need to be 36 to 38 psi hot. I'll probably try Hoosier R6s next time. When I ran the same set up with Nitto NT-01s at Willow Springs, wear was much more even, a little heavy on the outside fronts, but I ended up cording the inside of one of the rears. The A6s are so soft that they wear in no time.
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