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"But that doesn’t mean Chevrolet plans to constrain production of the $75,000 muscle car. Oppenheiser said the company plans to produce to demand and projects that it will build 2,500 for the 2015 model year, although more will be made if the demand exists. "

So, only 2014 is limited production. 2015 is build-to-demand as many here suggested would happen. I personally thought they would limit the build so I was wrong about that and I accept my helping of crow. GM is a business and one that has, and is, facing a many challenges (as are nearly all manufacturers), so it's perfectly understandable that they would build as many as can be sold.

The good news for enthusiasts is that now you are not risking a $100k+ collector car to take it on track and it is now a commodity as any car would be and prices on used ones will be reasonable.

As much as I am unhappy future values will not be through the roof, I am more happy to know there will be a bunch of these on track to play with
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