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Originally Posted by McRat View Post
Just a dumb guess. Starting in mid 2015, these cars will be showing up on the used market, and perhaps 25% cheaper than MSRP.

Why? Much like the first Z06's, they aren't for everyone. They are loud, have limited storage, and stiff clutches. People who thought they wanted one to drive will sell them.

You should have heard all the snivelers on forums:

"Something is wrong with my engine! It's making noises!"
"My cats must be bad, after 2 hours the trans tunnel is burning my leg!"

Same thing will happen.
This is 100% correct. I have seen this before, and it's typical for the "latest, hottest, best reviewed" cars. People who can afford anything have to have it. Then they begin to realize that it wasn't the best choice for them. A great example of this are the AMG Black Series cars. They sell for over MSRP at first and are very hard to get, then the market gets over-saturated [just a bit], as the wannabes get rid of their cars.

IMHO a good time to pick one up will be Feb/2015; I think a lot of the poseurs will be ready to trade at that point and the market will start to become a little bit saturated.

I could be wrong, of course (it's happened once or, perhaps, twice before ). It may just be that there are more track junkies -- for whom this is the perfect car -- than I realize.

My guess is that the used market will bottom out around $60K for these cars, then slowly tick upwards after production ends. But I could honestly care less, as I plan to do my best to wear mine out on the track. Appreciation will be nice -- but it is almost impossible to buy something current and predict whether it will be worth anything down the road [with a few exceptions, like the Ford GT]...
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