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Originally Posted by brt3 View Post
That headline had me until "Aztek"...


GM Designer Tom Peters on Camaro, Corvette, and Pontiac Aztek
By Christian Seabaugh - Photos By Brian Vance - April 26, 2014

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.....With the face-lifted 2014 Camaro, Peters and his team wanted to make the car look lower, wider, and meaner. Peters told us his solution was to look to classic Camaro's like his '69....
No, Peters didn't you anything about the "like" belonging to his '69 Camaro, Mr. Seabaugh!

Somebody tell Christian Seabaugh and his editor that you do not make nouns plural by use of an apostrophe. You assign a quality of possession by doing that. I'm sick of people getting credit for articles and having their name in print when they use apostrophes willy-nilly, sometimes trying to pluralize with them and other times not sticking them onto plural nouns. It's nothing but hack writing; journalism used to be a respectable profession. Now it's a bad joke. But then again, it's Motor Trend.

If you feel the word "Camaros" looks awkward Mr. Seabaugh, simply write "Peters told us his solution was to look to classic Camaro examples like his '69...." or "Peters told us his solution was to look to classic Camaro designs like his '69....". Don't slap apostrophes onto words just because you're stumped.
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