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Originally Posted by molloni View Post
I don't know Al...the bow tie with a 5 in it would be gigantic and un-doable. The circle 5, while it would look ok with a second circle around it, may not be possible without united1 to do the ground layout ahead of time. That 5 was a huge deal, and he did a great job marking the ground where each car had to be. Without those marks, forget it. The bow tie wasn't difficult because I used the "grid" that was already part of the parking lot markings. It's not that I'm purposely shooting down your ideas, buddy, but knowing what it takes to put the cars in place...that's why I know it may not work out.

I'm thinking some type of "patch work" pattern. Let's see how many sign up, and we can go from there.

I love how everyone on FB just assumed that once we lined up that bow tie we couldn't get out of our cars, nor could we "unpark", but with enough forward thought, I mean come on! It was easy!

I hear ya buddy .... someone will come up with something!

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