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Originally Posted by slickrichic View Post
First Time out but will not be my last. Had a Blast. Most fun i had in a long time. I think i found a New Hobby. I'll be running with the big boys soon. Ordering my 1LE in late July. Can't wait. Love my LT/RS but i need MORE.
It was really good you guy's made it out, and glad you're coming back. I too had a 1LT/RS, wait til you feel the difference when you run your 1LE.
Originally Posted by rgreene1971 View Post
Would love to be a part of this if you guys ever decide to hold another day like this one.
Oh yeah it will happen again and would love to have you there!

Originally Posted by Orange Crush 1LE View Post
Man, that is just awesome guys. Cornerspeed, you were cooking for a stock 1LE, I can't believe that time! I don't know the track but can tell by the cars you are mixing it up with, you were flat flying, LOL.

The yellow Z06 is driven by a friend of mine, Jesse. Good guy, I met him at Buttonwillow at his first ever tracking event, he's clearly come a long way and just barely edged you despite his HP and weight advantages. Jesse ran a 1:40 at Willow Springs when I was there, then recently a 1:34 with slicks the next time out. He's hooked like us.

And Kirk, kicking ass and taking names! Tell us the truth, this isn't really your 6th track day

Cornerspeed, don't laugh but I bought a Roval track decal that was going on my back window next to Buttonwillow, Thunderhill and Willow Springs. Mark my words, I'll get a chance to apply that decal. I'll be running NASA time trials at Sonoma and Laguna Seca this year, along with Thunderhill and maybe Buttonwillow. Hopefully we will finally meet up and track one day soon.

Must have been cool to run with 11 Camaros. Good times gentlemen.
Thanks Todd, yeah i brought my A game. I was 7th fastest overall, but that's mixing apples and oranges as the 1st 5 are actually "RACECARS" so on a level playing field i was 2nd fastest only to a Z-O6. I finished 2nd by like what...a lug nut.Here are the times, open the dates and click on May 4th. I too am in the same quandary.I have Miller motorsports park, but have to wait til Aug. to earn that badge.

Originally Posted by Spoolin View Post
Cornerspeed, this looks like a great little gtg that you put on! Please include me in your next round of invites if you would. I have a 2014 summit white 1LE that I have yet to take to the track but have been itching to. Only track event I ever did was in my race truck put on by truckin magazine, it was so fun that I went out and bought myself a real track car!! (my 1LE)

Thanks for the updates and sharing your experience!
Of course, you are more then welcome to run with us. Maybe with getting the homepage again we will have 10 1LE's next time.
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