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I've held off doing any suspension mods to my car because I know my area doesn't really have anywhere that I really trusted to get it aligned properly once it was lowered. I finally broke down when Apex picked up the Pfadt line and bought a set of their lowering springs for my 2011 SS. I took to a local place hoping they could get it dialed in. I think I would have been better off doing it in my garage the old way.

I read through this thread twice looking over all of the information so I was prepared with my specs and any other information they may have needed. After two hours of waiting they tell me they couldn't get the right rear adjusted and they had to charge me for a camber adjusting bolt to get the front right in spec. AAAAAHHhHHHHH, I should have printed out the bold red statement from JusticePete that stated you do not need one of those and how to do it properly.

Can anyone tell me the major concerns they see with the alignment I'm posting below? Thanks!! And Rob@Wretched, it sounds crazy but I may be making a three hour drive to you to get me dialed in and to make installing these springs worth it.

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