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Originally Posted by myold88 View Post
I dont know whats up with your orders- I ordered 6/11 but didn't move to 2000 until 7/17 when my dealer got me an allocation.- Then I moved right along. It sounds like your order is stuck at the dealer (1100).
I'm starting to notice this alot now throughout the forums. For some reason people are getting great results from certain dealerships and others are really slow in getting their orders filled or worse...canceled! I think this dealership I'm dealing with has pretty quick turn around times, quick being 2-3 months of course. I can only hope this is the case. I really think this car will MSRP for more next year than it did this year. Expect it to be at around $40K, at least. The demand is too great for the price point of $38K to hold. I think we first time buyers may have gotten a good deal. I think I would be calling and ordering from somewhere else if my order was stuck @1100 for 3 months. That dealership may not have anymore allocations left for the entire year, or they may be folding up shop and haven't told you yet. I would seriously look into it.
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