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Toe rods took me about an hour from beginning to end. Part that makes them a little more challenging than they should is the fact you have to drop the cradle on the driver's side to get the bolt out.

Jack up the rear of the car, put on jack stands.
Remove rear wheels
Before you remove anything on the suspension, mark the placement of the bolts & washers on either end of the tie rods.
Loosen the driver's side of the cradle (two bolts on the underside) and let it hang down. Dont remove the bolts completely.
Remove the nuts/bolts on either end of the tie rod.
Insert new rods and reverse the above.
When you go to tighten everything down, make sure the bolt/washer marks line back up again. This will at least get the alignment close.

I have not done my trailing arms, so I can't be much help there.
Take the car to a shop and get an alignment.
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