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Originally Posted by NotYetLegend View Post
Hahahaha, now this is my style of "install". I see in your sig that you have the BMR upper control arm bushings/mounts. That is the very next thing I'm installing, can you tell me how that went? I've read their instructions and it recommends lots of stuff that seems optional to me, wanted to check. Thanks
Not sure if you have the BK017 or BK039 Upper Control Arm Bushings, but either way, you need to remove the saddle clamp across the top of the cradle that contains the bushing. Two bolts on the top, and one bolt through the bushing and into the rear upper control arm. It is possible to do this without lowering the cradle at all. I've done it, it's not exactly easy, and takes some creative use of hand tools, but it is possible. Lowering the cradle down at least a couple inches will make this task much easier and give you some room to work with. This is why it's a good idea to do the cradle bushings or inserts at the same've already got the cradle down. If you have the BK017 bushings, you will need to press the factory bushing out of that saddle clamp (you will need a hydraulic press to do this), and then simply push the new bushing in place. If you have the BK039, you can bolt the whole new assembly right in where the old saddle clamp was.....much easier!!!
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