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Yeah good advice guys. I will definitely be ordering BK039 and trying to install it without lowering the cradle again. I have some used Pedders inserts in the cradle now and while it made a huge improvement I'm sure they are still deflecting considerably (they were VERY soft/flexible). I am hesitant to do the full cradle bushings as I'm not sure how to get the stock ones out (I know someone on the form does it with the weight of the car etc... but it just seems tricky w/o legit tools). Next year when I have more hp and bump to the next NASA-X class I'll have more than enough points to play with, I'll probably do something similar to the Hotchkis brace that really locks down the rear subframe, especially with the brace and the inserts. That brace will be easy to remove and sell if I ever get rid of the car too, you're never getting your money back for those solid cradle bushings :(
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