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Where! Oh Where have my stripes gone??

So I took delivery of my 2SS seven weeks ago but the Rally stripes didn't show up with the car. For the last couple of weeks the sales guys and I have been scratching are heads on what happened to them. Well yesterday when I picked up my engine cover (Very Nice too), I asked the parts guy about the stripes and he began searching. After a while he told me that GM had closed the accessory shop in Tempe and the stripes probably got sent to a district warehouse (Hopefully not 13). Well he had called the accessory shop in California, so now they started searching and he would call me this morning with an update! No call yet!

Now I have watched my dealer send emails, call folks and just aren't getting the answers, so I called the GM Customer service line just now and the lady I talked to sounded a little more upset than I was that my stripes haven't showed up. She was apologetic about it, opened a case and is going to look into it. I did ensure her that the dealer was looking into it but don't seem to be getting the answers to inform me; also informed her that I wasn't driving the car to much cause I do have other cars, but I would like to get the stripes on so I can get the clear bra installed before I get any rock chips......(haven't got one yet...extremely lucky I guess).

Anyway, she said I WILL get a call on Monday letting me know something! Last resort I guess I can place an order through parts for stripes and have sales refund the money I paid already.

Now before anyone starts flaming....
1. Yes! Options ordered with a new car are separate from parts.
2. No! I don't want to have them painted on! Want the car originial!
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