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Originally Posted by StoutFiles View Post
And how much money is this costing?

There's a point where you spend so much money that it just makes no sense. I could attach million dollar shuttle rockets to a Toyota Camry, but it doesn't make it awesome. Any car can be made fast...for this project to be worth it the cost of doing this needs to be feasible for regular people to transform their V6's.
It's more than just having an affordable and fast V6. This is proving the limits of the LLT and pushing it to dimensions never before reached. It is taking a car that targeted the Corvette and putting a turbocharged V6 in front of it. Stop thinking about the money and realize how amazing a feat of engineering this truly is. Of course it is going to be expensive, but how could it not be worth seeing someone's minimal Camaro LS defeat a Nissan GT-R at the Nurburgring?
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